Hosam Abou-Ela
Nonfiction In The Novels Of Sonallah Ibrahim

Robyn Creswell
Sonallah Ibrahim and the Egyptian Everyday

Sayed Elsisi
Political Narration vs. the Politics of Narrative: Reading Sonallah Ibrahim in the Context of The Sixties’ Narratology

Gonzalo Fernandez
From Cairo to the World (Literature): Unembargoed Sonallah Ibrahim

Sabry Hafez
Incarceration and Power: The Politics and Poetics of Prison in Sun’alla Ibrahim’s Work

Richard Jacquemond
Sonallah Ibrahim and the Quest for Truth

Margaret Litvin
Innocents Abroad: Sonallah Ibrahim and Muhammad Malas in Moscow

Samia Mehrez
A Revolution Foretold: Re-Reading Warda During the Arab Uprisings

Christopher Stone
The Smell of It, Stealth, and the prediction of past and future futures

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